Third Thursday!
5:00pm 5:00pm

Third Thursday!

Join us for an extra special evening of wine tasting combined with the opening art installation by Kendrick Moholt entitled Immigrant Roots.  Here is the artist's statement:  


During these days of national debate about immigration, all Americans would do well to look at their own past.  In this installation Kendrick Moholt used his passion for photography to document two especially emotional.

Kendrick spent June and July of 2015 on the Arizona/Mexico border.  He was moved by the evidence of people traveling through the desert.  Then, there was the young man who had been walking for three days and had covered about 50 miles. It was another 17 miles to the Mexican border. Kendrick gave him 2 gallons of water. Locals working with Kendrick provided a little food. They wished the young man luck as he continued walking home in 108 degree heat.

Both of Kendrick's father's parents were born in another country.  Helga’s family needed a new life and Lou’s family was just hungry.  In June 2016, Kendrick traveled with his daughter and father to visit the homestead where his grandfather grew up.  Again Kendrick felt the need to document the experience. Again he thought about the young man in the desert and I remembered a grandfather who quit school at age ten to help build a house and a new life on the eastern Montana prairie.



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Jody Berry turns 50!

Having a birthday that falls around Thanksgiving calls for multi-tasking celebrations.  If you are in the area, please come down and enjoy a delicious treat and some sort of unbeknownst to me festivities.  We will be at the shop 9-7 all day Friday!

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